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Meiffren Comte Still Life

Meiffren Comte Still Life


Oil painting on canvas, depicting Still Life

Artist : Meiffren Comte

Historical period : 17th century

Dimensions : 73 x 60 cm

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Meiffren Comte Still Life

Oil painting on canvas, depicting Still life with a pin box, frame, shell, blue carpet and pomegranate, attributed to Meiffren Comte (Marseille, 1630 – Marseille, 1705).

The work of Nordic matrix is undoubtedly due to Meiffren Comte (Marseille, 1630 – Marseille, 1705), artist born in Marseille, who was the apprentice of Antonio Nalli, Genoese painter, from where he resided under the name of Monsu Conte.
This splendid composition, represented in the foreground, is characterized by a skilful treatment of light which describes in a naturalistic way the objects placed on the table.
It is thanks to this erudite treatment of light that the cabinet, the blue carpet, the pomegranate, the frame and the shell are almost tangible to our eyes, defined in every detail and in every imperfection, like the leathery skin of the pomegranate and its seeds falling on the table.

The painting in question finds close affinities with a Still life with a box with pins, seashell and red carpet (Lot nº 125, Christie’s Paris, 03/05/2016) and a Still life with a box with pins and shells (Lot nº80, Christie’s Paris, 06/23/2009).

Biographical information on Meiffren Conte is very scarce, according to historiographical tradition it is assumed that he stayed in Rome around the middle of the 17th century, more precisely in 1651 where he resided with the Genoese painter Antonio Nalli under the name of Monsù Conte .
In 1656, he returned to Aix-en-Provence, where he remained until 1671, when he moved to Paris and became a member of the Académie Saint-Luc in Paris.
In 1675 he returned to his hometown and remained there until his death.
He was appointed painter of the king’s galleys there (painter of the king’s galleys), a position he held until 1703.


The work is in good condition, with small scattered restorations. 20th century frame.

73 x 60 cm without frame
86 x 73 cm with frame


Meiffren Comte Still Life


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