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Rosalba Carriera Portrait of a girl with donut

Rosalba Carriera Portrait of a girl with donut


Pastel on paper, depicting Portrait of a girl with donut

Artist : Rosalba Carriera

Historical period : 18th century

Dimensions : 36 x 25 cm unframed


Rosalba Carriera Portrait of a girl with donut

Pastel on paper on canvas, depicting Portrait of a girl with donut attributed to Rosalba Carriera (Venice, 1675 – Venice, 1757).

The pastel in good overall conservative condition, is presented in a beautiful carved and gilded wood, coeval to the painting.

The work depicts a girl holding a donut with her right hand, probably the infant depicted here was one of the members of the Le Blond family, originally from Picardy in France.

Our work has to be put in relation with a pastel of the Venetian painter depicting the same subject, from the legacy of Vincenzo Astori of 1876 and now at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, in the French period in fact the painter began to specialize in the double reproduction of her paintings, the first was the King of France Louis XV, later Law and Philip II of Orleans, So our work could probably be a revival of the work exhibited at the Academy.

The portrait reproduced here is characterized by a strong sense of lightness, typical of the Rococò style that prefers the representation of carefree scenes in which elegance, lightness, joy and delicacy are the master, the very skillful painter in the use of pastels is able to render with extreme precision the incarnations and the intensity of the looks of the represented characters, skill that sharpened thanks to the study that the painter of the miniatures undertook, very difficult pictorial technique which he perfected by adding a very personal style, such as the fast stroke of Venetian painting, opposed to the academic rules that wanted short strokes and dots, pictorial technique that was assimilated in the period in which the painter Veneta worked in the workshop of one of his masters, Giuseppe Diamantini and Antonio Balestra.

Rosalba Carriera ( Venice 1675 – 1757 ) clearly departed from the female stereotype, still prevailing in the collective imagination, of the eighteenth-century damina all frivolity, so much so that she had created a kind of circle to which belonged illustrious characters in the literary artistic environment.
She received awards throughout Europe, to the point that she was commissioned by Louis XV, King of France, as well as princes and princesses.

Although the choice to adopt pastel painting was also dictated by the friendship with Anton Maia Zanetti called the old, engraver, art dealer and critic Italian, known by collectors internationally, which acted as a protégé to Rosalba Carriera.

36 x 25 cm unframed


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