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Free evaluations of works of art


Free evaluations of works of art

Another important service, the one that most differentiates Parenza art from most galleries, is certainly the possibility for private citizens to ask for an estimate of their works and, in the event of mutual agreement, sell them to the gallery itself. Parenza Art Gallery has been offering this service since the seventies, using its own knowledge and a long experience in the field of antiques.
The procedure is simple and the evaluation is completely free.

Asking for an evaluation is the perfect opportunity for those who are in possession of an ancient painting of which has never had the opportunity to know the history and value, perhaps because handed down from generations or received in inheritance.

The estimation and authentication of the work are carried out in a scrupulous and professional manner by the staff of Parenza art.
Sometimes, especially in cases of attribution to important authors, the opinion of art experts or professors with proven artistic and market knowledge is sought.
All this is done with the utmost honesty and discretion, at no cost to the private citizen who requested the evaluation.
Following the esteem, the private can decide to sell his work to the gallery, with the certainty of having entrusted it in the hands of competent people and devoted to art in all its forms.

Valutazione gratuita di opere antiche

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